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Psychoeducational Therapeutic Programs

Falcone Institute's psychotherapists and psychoeducational coaches create and implement personalized developmental plans based on the following areas:

Emotional Intelligence
Practical therapeutic methods develop emotional awareness, increase personal accountability, reduce stress and foster creative problem solving.

Body/Mind Integration 
Through exercises that increase physiological awareness of one’s emotional state, we help individuals minimize their stress, restore their focus and allow them to consistently reach peak learning states. Brain and body integration movements and therapeutic methodologies reduce stress and increase athletic, academic, and personal performance.

Expressive and Receptive Language
Through strengthening and developing the neural pathways underlying reading, writing and oral communication, we foster verbal and non-verbal social, emotional and content learning.

Higher Order Thinking and Conceptualization Skills
Individualized critical thinking programs develop academic, soial and personal problem-solving strategies. In order to promote greater knowledge acquisition, we blend powerful cognitive strategies that promote active and independent learning.

Over the last eight years, we have had more than our fair share of therapists, teachers, and doctors who seemed to only superficially understand Kim’s complexities. However, after your first meeting with my daughter, you shared the most accurate impression of her
that I had ever received.”

~ L.R.

We apply individualized learning strategies and skills in all subjects, ranging from pre-kindergarten through college-level coursework.

Athletic Skill Development 
Mind and body integration movements improve physical and mental endurance. Individuals develop motivation and focus while increasing balance, coordination, and fine and gross motor control. 

Family Intelligence 
Individual and family therapy sessions are provided as needed to address parenting strategies, communication, positive cooperation and productive choices.

Neurocognitive Program ("NCP")

In early 2014, Falcone Institute added a neurocognitive enhancement program to its list of client services. Developed by Curtis Cripe, PhD, a brain development expert and published research author, this individualized program treats a variety of issues and re-trains the brain to reach its full potential. Our neurocognitive program clients have demonstrated significant improvement in overall cognitive function and maturation. Partnered and integrated with Falcone Institute’s therapeutic methods and skill-based programs, these clients have also demonstrated meaningful growth in other areas of academic functioning, emotional intelligence and personal development. 

Individual and Family Therapeutic Sessions

Madeline Falcone, LMFT, and Brett Martin, LMFT, provide therapeutic support and services to individuals of all ages as well as families of varying backgrounds, dynamics and configurations. They are both Certified Clinical Trauma Professionals.