Our Methods

We utilize a holistic approach in applying the following methods to our integrative programs:

Emotional Management  - practical methods to reduce stress, heighten emotional awareness, increase personal accountability, and foster creative problem solving.

Energy Psychology Methods - Mind and body integration methods which reduce stress and increase emotional, academic, athletic and personal performance. Specifically, these are self-help skills and in-depth balances for all ages and issues.

Articulation, reading and Spelling Therapy - An individualized reading therapy program that applies multi-modal methods to teach the individual how to internalize, recognize and discriminate sound production. The individual moves from "learning how to read" to "reading to learn".

Symbolic Imagery for Spelling and Sight Word Recognition - An individualized program that applies imaging for sight word development, reading fluency, spelling accuracy and internalization of the phonemic code.

Language Comprehension and Concept Formation - An individualized language processing and comprehension program that develops imagery and oral/written language comprehension.

Math Comprehension, Concept Formation and Application - An individualized mathematics program that integrates language comprehension skills to teach number sense. Mathematical concept imagery, reasoning and computation skills are emphasized.

Thinking Skills - An individualized critical thinking program that develops academic, social and personal problem solving strategies.

Organizational Skills - An individualized program that teaches planning time management and goal setting strategies that are applied to academic, social and personal organization.

Study & Test Taking Skills - Individuals learn specific strategies to foster their mastery and demonstration of content knowledge in testing environments.

Individual Subject Mastery - Individuals learn to integrate emotional management, energy psychology methods and learning strategies into content areas.

Music Therapy - Examples of music therapy include The Listening Program® and Biolateral Music®. These programs stimulate brain functioning, stress management and auditory processing of full spectrum sound.

Family Skill Building - Integration of skills into family communication and functioning.